On Saturday 7th June, De Rohan Lodge No 9670 held a very successful social evening where €550 was raised in support of the Service Dogs Malta Foundation. The event took place outdoors in the garden of the Masonic Hall at Villa Blye, by kind permission of the RW Master of Lodge St Andrew No 966 of the Scottish Constitition.

Entertainment was by "Malachai (The Englishman)" His first set was mainly country music and later on he came back to do hits mainly from the 50's and 60's. The Grand Inspector's lady, Dr Jaqui Porter, joined Malachai on stage for a few of the numbers. He introduced her by saying that he would be joined by a suprise guest artist who was even now circling the building on her broomstick and would land imminently!

villa blye 01

The Masonic Hall at Villa Blye

An evening such is this is only successful due to the hard work of the organisers and their support team. The Worshipful Master, W Bro Bill Turnbull, thanked everyone who had attended for their generosity in supporting the evening and in particular those who had made a significant practical contribution:

  • The ladies who had prepared the galaxy of wonderful food, including Carmen's amazing sweets.
  • Bro Gary for acting as fund-raiser on the evening, running the raffle and the Chinese bingo. Also his able assistant, Bro Mark, a recent new member of Hospitalier's Lodge in the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta
  • The Brethren of Lodge St Andrew for their hard work in preparing the garden of Villa Blye, which made a very pleasant venue.
  • His Assistant Secretary, Bro Clive, for all his help in planning and preparing for the event.

malachai jaqui

Malachai & Jaqui on Stage

The RW Master of Lodge St Andrew welcomed everyone to Villa Blye. He thanked his team for their hard work in preparing the garden and hoped that there would be more similar events in the future. He made particular mention of the contribution of his Director of Ceremonies.

The Grand Inspector, VW Bro Lawrence Porter, appeared to have an enjoyable and relaxing evening with his main responsibility being the shuffling of the cards for the Chinese bingo.

€550 was an impressive sum to raise from such an event and De Rohan Lodge will add further to this amount from its own charitable funds.

blind dogs 03

Two of the Guide Dogs under training