The following conditions apply to use of the Masonic Hall in Valletta.

  1. A mask must be worn at all times when in the building unless:
    • You are working in an area alone or in a pair
    • You are seated and consuming beverages or food
    • You are delivering a speech to a group who are seated and masked
  2. You must undergo a temperature check before entrance to the building
    • If the temperature is above 37.2 degrees celsius you cannot be admitted
  3. You must be in possession of a Malta government-approved vaccination certificate
    • This may be in paper or electronic form but must contain a scannabe barcode
    • No certificate, no entrance to the Hall
  4. Social distancing of a minimum ot 2 metres must be observed in all meetings
    • The maximum permitted in the main Lodge room is 22 persons
    • If you are using a different room, please contact the Hall for guidance on maximum numbers
  5. The bar will reopen for table service only on 25th September 2021
    • Ordering drinks standing up, or drinking standing up, is not permitted
  6. Casual visits to the Hall are not currently permitted
    • You must be there for a specific purpose recognised as valid by the Hall Committee


If you are travelling to Malta to attend the Hall you should be aware of the requirements of the Malta government and those of the country to which you are returning. The following information may be of use. It aims to be as up-to-date as possible but the final responsibility for meeting all the necessary covid requirements lies with the traveller.

Travel to Malta

You must know the requirements of the government of Malta for entry into the country:

Travelling to Malta | Covid-19 | Malta International Airport

If travellling from England you can get your covid pass either via the NHS App:


OR directly from the NHS website:

You can fill out the required Passenger Locator form required for entry to Malta here:

EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF)

While in Malta

You should have a mask, vaccination certificate and photo ID with you at all times.

The following COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place (7th September 2021):  

  • Only 6 people may gather together in public spaces.
  • Only 4 households may gather in a private home, and mixing of households in strongly discouraged.
  • Restaurants, bars, snackbars and social clubs are open for dine-in customers until 2am.
  • Seated weddings are allowed, and funerals allowed with strict protocols in places.
  • The wearing of face masks is mandatory in all places outside of your residence - except for when at the beach, where they are recommended but not mandatory.
  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated and hold proof (EU Digital COVID certificate or NHS COVID Pass) can remove their mask in outdoor public spaces if on their own or with one other vaccinated person.
  • Children under 12 can remove their mask in outdoor public spaces if they are with a vaccinated adult.

For a full list of the covid regulations in Malta see the following from

Mandatory Standards and Guidances

Travel to England from Malta

You must know the requirements of the UK government on travel to England:

Travel to England from another country during coronavirus (COVID-19) - GOV.UK

The required UK Passenger Locator Form can be filled out here.

Fill in your passenger locator form - GOV.UK

You are advised, if possible, to fill this out before you leave the UK.

As of 4th October 2021 a Rapid Antigen Test is no longer required for re-entry to the UK.

Trave to countries requiring a pre-departure Covid test

If you are travelling from Malta to a country other than the UK, you should check carefully if a pre-departure covid test is required by the destination country.

If you need such a test it must be booked. You cannot simply walk in.

Here are some entities which provide testing:

Covid-19 Testing at the Airport - Malta International Airport

SwabbingMalta (to book your test at the Airport)

Rapid Screening Malta (locations in Naxxar and St Julian’s)