The Lawrence Porter Travelling Cup

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Lawrence Porter
Travelling Cup

Happy have we met
Happy have we been
Happy do we part
And may we happy meet again




The Lawrence Porter Travelling Cup is a solid silver trophy gifted to Malta Freemasons by VW Bro Dr Lawrence Porter, Grand Inspector of the UGLE Group of Lodges from 2013 to 2019. It is intended to promote and encourage inter-visiting between Masonic Lodges in Malta.


Rules Governing the Holding and Transfer of the Cup

  1. The cup is the property of the Masonic Hall Committee of the Masonic Hall in Valletta.

  2. The Lodge holding the cup (the “Holding Lodge”) displays it on the Secretary’s table during Lodge meetings and in front of the Master’s podium at the Festive Board.

  3. Any Lodge which meets in Malta, and is of a recognised Constitution, may claim the cup if five or more of its members visit a meeting of the Holding Lodge and stay to dine.

  4. The cup may be claimed either during the third rising or at the Festive Board, after the toast to the visitors. The Claiming Visitors all stand at the point the claim is made, to demonstrate the validity of their claim.

  5. The cup is handed over to the claiming visitors at the Festive Board, immediately after the visitors toast.

  6. Brethren of a visiting Lodge do not count as visitors if they are also members of the Holding Lodge.

  7. If two Lodges have five or more visitors, then the Lodge with the most visitors wins the cup. If two or more Lodges have the same number of qualifying visitors, then lots are drawn to choose the Lodge which takes the cup.

  8. The same Brother cannot be part of more than one claim on the evening. He can only represent one Lodge.

  9. When a Lodge takes custodianship of the Cup, the date of the claim and name of the new Holding Lodge are entered in the Logbook which accompanies the cup. In addition, an email is sent by the Lodge Secretary to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enable an entry to be made in the online copy of the Logbook below.


Travelling Cup Logbook

Date Holding Lodge
11 Nov 2019  De Rohan Lodge No 9670
09 Mar 2020 Lodge of St John & St Paul No 349
06 Dec 2021 Mikiel Anton Vassalli Lodge No I
08 Mar 2022 Evening Star Lodge No VIII
29 Mar 2022 Lodge of St John & St Paul No 349
05 Apr 2024 Templaris Lodge No XIV