So, you are interested in becoming a Freemason?

First it is strongly recommended that you should do some research on the subject.

Despite popular misconception, Freemasonry does not solicit membership. We never approach individuals with invitations to join. It is up to the aspiring Mason to make the first contact. You can do this through a personal request to a Mason if you know one or you can contact us via the website.

Therefore, if you know a Mason, ask him about it and he will be very pleased to talk about his Freemasonic experience and assist you. Alternatively, you can make direct contact with us by submitting this Enquiry Form.

Some Useful Research

A good place to start is the United Grand Lodge of England's website. There is a recent booklet as well as videos on Freemasonry which can be found at the UGLE website Resources Page. There is also a page with Information about Joining and a booklet entitled "Are you thinking of becoming a Freemason?". There are also some simple, direct answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Freemasonry.

A Master Mason Freemasonry is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The only mandatory requirements are that you should have a belief in a supreme being and be an upstanding citizen without a criminal record.

Although there is a requirement that you have your own religious beliefs, Freemasonry is not itself a religion and indeed has no views whatsoever on religion. Discussion of religion or politics is not permitted at our meetings.

In English Freemasonry we have members who are Christians (both Roman Catholic and Protestant), Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus.

Here in Malta, Lodges work under three separate Grand Lodges: The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta (SGLoM), the Grand Lodge of Scotland (GoS) and the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

Therefore, if you have links with England or Wales, you may wish to consider joining the English Constitution.

If you have links with Scotland, then Lodge St Andrew might be attractive.

For a Maltese citizen who has always lived on the Island, then SGLoM should be your first port of call.

Use the Joining Enquiry Form. to register your interest and we will do our best to advise you on the best place to direct your application.



What happens next?

Once you have contacted us, we will invite you to meet us at the Masonic Hall in Valletta for an initial discussion. If all seems well then over the next few months you will be expected to visit the Masonic Hall in Valletta regularly so that we get to know each other. We will also invite you, and your partner if any, to our social functions. After that time, if you and we are still of the same mind we will arrange for you to apply formally to join one of our Lodges.